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Download Skype Offline Installer 8.36 & Classic 7.41 for All OS 2019

For Windows, Linux and Mac platforms a new updated skype full installer 8.36 is obtainable. Microsoft is developing the design of Skype and the installers up to 7.41.0. 101. The old skype is now named as Skype Classic. It will continue for as long as offline installer unless Skype 8.0 updated on Microsoft’s website. You can go out of the online installer’s barrier and get rid of downloading the full skype setup file. Are you looking for an offline installer? You can get the best and updated Download Skype Offline Installer links under here. If you are classic and love to use the old version of Skype then get Skype Classic.

download skype offline installer

Improvements you will get in your desktop using the new version instead using the old version:
  • Across multiple platforms, the new Skype can sync messages easily because it’s a cloud-based application.
  • Business and Group features newly designed.
  • Designed flat and have options to customize.
  • Easy to send large files up to 300 MB by dragging and dropping.
  • A smart notification panel is available where you can access quickly and see unread messages.
  • In the old version of Skype which is Skype Classic don’t have the feature called “Secret Conversation” which allow final encryption. ( You can test this facility with the new and updated versions of Skype. You can download Skype Installer 8.14 in this case. )
Some Cons:
  • Web app’s look is similar with the latest and updated Skype’s look. Henceforth, It’s not so good in low connection. It loads when it connects on low connection and consume a lot of time.
  • At the present time in Skype, the end to end encryption become none-applicable for video calls.
  • The old version of Skype has better impressive video quality than new Skype. You can understand the difference when you will compare. If you compare it between Skype installer 8.0 and , Then you may get the best result and be clarified.
  • If i give you my personal opinion in this case than I didn’t like the new color scheme. The old design was much better and attractive.
  • The most needed system is an alert system. Which is now missing from the new version of Skype. In the taskbar, it shows the status of their PC’s and the contacts.
  • Microsoft has a want. They want the users of Windows 10 to be installed the version 8.0 of Skype. Although it has a balance to attribute with the compatibility which can smooth the installation and run it well.

Skype Classic Offline Installer 7.41  and 7.40 Free Download:

As I said before, the old skype is now named as Skype Classic. It depends on the operating system Window’s versions. Skype Offline Installer  and can be chosen.

The windows 10 users are the updated user. They want new and new. They may want to upgrade the version of the application. So, they can download the latest Skype Installer . It’s easier to do. To do this, you can follow this steps: Help Tab > Check For Updates > Download > Proceed to installation. The application will proceed as the application prompts.

For Windows, Mac and Linux platforms the offline installer of Skype is downloadable. To Download the application browse to

Download here

The download will be decided by the platform. It means if it’s downloading from windows than the application will start the download in that platform which is compatible with Windows. It’s similar with other platforms. From Windows, you will get SkypeSetupFull.exe File and from Mac you will get Skype 7.59.37.dmg.

March 2018 (Update): The download link for Skype Classic 7.40 is taken down by Microsoft and now it’s updated to 7.41

There was an issue when it updates to new found by security researchers. The update process was totally online cause the version 7.40 is an online installer. Sometimes. It’s not so safe enough. There were some problems with version 7.40. Microsoft developed and removed unsafe things from 7.40 and updated to 7.41. Skype Installer can remove those modules which are not safe from Skype

It’s bad to hear that 7.41 can’t support on all editions of Windows. If you want to work on Windows XP and Vista than you need to download [exe] the offline installer of Skype.

Get Skype Classic :

Download here

Do you have any need of portable USB installer for Skype Classic? For windows 10 platform, wanting 7.40 version? Click above the link to know the best versions and everything about skype.

Skype .MSI Offline Installer Windows 8/ Windows 7/10:

Though windows configuration manager the business users and network admins may want MSI Installer instead of Skype. You can end your search for MSI here. As a business, you can download and install Skype Classic MSI [] from below:

Download here
If you are a regular user then MSI for Skype Classic is also available and it has build number. It’s . You can get it and know about it from the link “Get Skype Classic” that I have given before.

MSI is not available officially for Skype version 8 and more. You can create Skype MSI 8 installer from the regular [.exe] file by using any third party programs as conversion EXE to MSI.

Download Skype Offline Installer 8.36 2019 Latest Version for Desktop:

In April 2018, For Windows, Linux and Mac platforms the installer of Skype starts using an identical build number which is for Skype Installer 8 and more. These all are for the desktop platform. Now, it’s much easier to download more updated and offline installers for the desktop though separated links.

For Windows 10/ Windows 8 or 8.1 / Windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bit):
Technical Details:
 File Name: Skype-
 Operating System: Windows 10 64 bit, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 64 bit,
 Architecture: 64bit (x64) and 32 bit Windows OS
 License: Full version
 Size: 59.9 MB
 Software Added on 7 Nov 2018
 Developers: Microsoft,

Download here

Supports on:

  • Windows 10 64 bit and 32 bit
  • Microsoft Windows 8 64 bit and 32 bit
  • Windows 7 64 bit and 32 bit
Download For Mac OS:

Download here

Offline Full Setup Installer For Linux:

Download here
( If you need the rpm package them put .rpm instead of .deb)

Note : These are for the devices of 32 bit. Windows store have Skype for universal windows version if your device is of 64 bit. This won’t be an offline installation and you have to sign in your Microsoft Account.

Download Skype 8.31 full installer [preview] : New and Upcoming version

Do you want to go to the front and download the most updated and upcoming new Skype installer for your OS platform? Under here you can the latest preview of version The beta version supports an end to end encryption .But, to use this private message feature, both user must use the same beta version of it. Otherwise, they won’t be able to connect.

Get the Skype Insider preview:

Download here

Whose are interested in an upcoming version of skype, like new features, want to enjoy better experience can use the beta built application of Skype. Basically, it’s for Software Enthusiasts and Programmers. Regular users can also download this and use it. It may have bugs and security flaws.

Install Skype offline Installer on Windows 10: Method to fix “Please Install Skype from Windows Store for better experience” error:


Among the Windows 10 user, they are facing a big problem in using Skype. Problem message “Please Install Skype from Windows Store for the better experience”. To get rid of this you need to do some steps. These are:

  1. Maximum time a dialogue box will appear and will say to download skype from “Windows Store”, just close it when it will come
  2. Now right click on the “Skype Offline” installer, then got its properties. Select the compatibility tab and search for compatibility section.
  3. Now choose to run skype for windows 8
  4. Restart the installation.

You can Also watch this video to get skype offline standalone installer on Windows 10:

Then you can easily use Standalone Skype on Windows 10 without a Microsoft account.

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